Saturday, July 21, 2007

George W.'s Colonoscopy Supported by Surge

When I woke up on the operating table after my colonoscopy last year, it occurred to me that I hadn't heard if President Bush was having one, that day, too, or not.
Being that our lives are so extraordinarily similar, I had to believe that he had had a colonoscopy that day, too, but they kept it quiet because they didn't want to give Al Quaida an opening to invade the U.S. while our president was under the anesthetic. That could have been disastrous.
Anyway, I was pleased to hear that this time around, because things are going so well in Iraq now with the Surge, that George W. is able to take a little time off from steering of the ship of state and let Dick Cheney have a chance at the wheel for a couple hours.
My colonoscopy went really well yesterday, too. When I checked my BlackBerry after I came out of the anesthetic, I saw that not a lot had happened, which is exactly what happened when George W. came out from under his anesthetic.
Me and George W. -- can two people be any more alike?


Beth said...

Did they find Dubya's head up your colon, too, Amazingly Similar Sark?

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Beth said...

Where the hell are you, Sark? The primaries are getting close.

Grant Miller said...

Congratulations on your colonoscopy and on you 2007 Drysdale Award nomination.

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Kirsten Olson said...

Hey man, Love this. Okay, I just read your review on Amazon of David' Caley's book about Ivan Illich, and I just wanted to say it's fabulous. Glad to know you.


PS Glad your life is so much like John McCain's.

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